Leadership Team


Robert Lindeen

Robert Lindeen

Managing Partner

MIT MBA Class of 2020. Experienced team leader and seasoned operator/ investor adept at launching new ventures and steering successful turnarounds.

Steve Tuekam

Steve Tuekam

Partner / Operations

MIT MBA Class of 2020. Investment banker with experience in strategy consulting and product management. Passionate about healthcare, growth investing and entrepreneurship

Matteo La Naia

Partner / Investment 

MIT MBA Class of 2020. Chief Growth Officer for B2B marketplace, experienced strategy consultant and investor.

Arwa Albaadi


MIT MBA Class of 2020. Experience in Private Equity and Public Equity investment management. Interested in entrepreneurship.

Ahmad Alsaawy

Partner / Investor Relations

MIT Sloan Fellow MBA 2021. Experience in Product Development, worked in IT & Telecom sector, passionate about building smart & sustainable cities  

Javier Gotschlich

Partner / Portfolio Management

MIT SDM Class of 2020. Startup Investor and Advisor. Experience in SaaS, Enterprise Software, and Marketplaces. 

Christina Ho

Partner / Portfolio Management

MIT MBA Class of 2020. Experienced in strategy consulting and mobile app / IoT technology startups.