About E62

Our Mission

To identify, invest in, and support the most promising MIT-affiliated startups, providing them with the capital, mentorship, and strategic resources they need to succeed. By fostering innovation and entrepreneurship at MIT, we aim to create a thriving ecosystem of startups that have the potential to change the world. We also aim to democratize Venture Capital by lowering minimum investments and fees.

Our Vision

To enable and accelerate the growth of groundbreaking MIT-affiliated startups, by providing the necessary resources, guidance, and capital to realize their full potential and make a lasting positive impact on the world. We hope with our backing MIT can become the No. 1 hub for startup founders globally.

Our Value Proposition

We give founders the tools and networks to strengthen their business models in early stages. We do this by providing the networks to expand their operations,  all industry perks to get the right tools, and tailored mentorship from our limited partners and MIT alumni. 

MIT Network

Industry Perks


Investing in MIT Startups

We invest in startups in early stage startups that are linked to the MIT community. We look for companies that have a great market to service in the future and an unfair advantage that can differentiate them from both actual and potential competitors. 

What we are looking for

MIT Founder

Early Stage Startup

Impressive Market Potential

Unfair Advantage