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Oda Studio

AI startup focused on reinventing the real estate commerce platforms around three key pillars: photo optimization, staging and marketplace.


E-Fish, Co, a marketplace focused on eliminating any intermediaries between fishermen and end customers. Jeff Tedmori (MBA 20') and his co-founder Matthew Henderson are targeting an industry that still relies on many layers of intermediaries across the value chain.


Nugttah is a digital loyalty solution where customers can spend and earn rewards. The platform is providing a smart solution to both customers and merchants. 

The app allows individuals to place food/coffee orders without having to line up to wait or pay at the shop which is time consuming. Customers can also collect points and stamps to earn rewards and send/receive gift cards. This allows the merchants to track customers orders and analyze their analytics. 


Energy management SaaS company that helps businesses to manage, control and optimize their electric fleet and chargers. Enerlink delivers technology-based solutions for organizations that want to take control of their energy, become more efficient and lower costs.

Themis AI

Themis AI provides an end-to-end debiasing platform to companies that utilize AI in their decision-making pipeline. They help customers identify bias in their data, mitigate it during training, and ultimately certify that a trained AI model is fair and ethical before deployment.


Bipi is a free, easy-to-use POS app for micro merchants in Indonesia. They help merchants track sales and run in-store campaigns to promote FMCG products, driving in-store conversion up for c.40%. Bipi’s product is a barcode that customers can scan to instantly get access to a merchant's products in promotion and complete the purchase via app. 

Multitude Insights

Multitude Insights is on a mission to radically improve public safety by building the digital infrastructure of tomorrow’s smart cities. Their first product is BLTN (pronounced “bulletin”) and it uses advanced #nlp to save detectives time, drive case closure, and provide transparency. At a time when we’re asking more of our police, Multitude Insights is building the tools that help law enforcement to be the best version of themselves.


Bumpa is building the infrastructure that will power digital commerce for African sellers; empowering small business owners to start, manage and grow successful businesses from their mobile phones. Founded in 2021, Bumpa is on a mission to grow the ecommerce industry in Africa by helping African retailers.


Brolly is a Fintech that integrates to payroll systems of companies in LATAM to offer simple and cheap personal loans to their employees. The integration allows us to originate loans in 10 minutes with validated information and deduct the installments directly from the employee’s salary hence reducing the risk and managing to offer cheaper rates to its users.